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Boundary Embroidery - A Stitch in Time...

Exhausted of having your boundaries constantly violated? Or simply diagnosed with a people-pleasing disorder? Let’s make sure that “No”, “Nope”, “Bye now” and “Go trip on a knife”, are all complete and powerful sentences, once stitch at a time.

Once you pick your favourite design option, tweak it, settle on the colours and accessories that fit your mood, and get started with a few easy to do & good looking stitches.

You’ll leave with your circle, work-in-progress embroidery, a couple of needles and three coloured threads. You’ll also leave with enough knowledge to keep going on your own if you want to. You can also come back at a later time to keep going in group and get more inspiration and help.

But no obligation! Unfinished embroideries look pretty cool too.

Provided materials: Embroidery circle, fabric, transfer pen, threads & needles, beads, sequins, etc.

Level: Any.

Duration: 2h30

Price: £35

Tickets: Book Here!

“Unbridled creativity and a moment to breathe”


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