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Here you can find all the events taking place by the members of Hackney Impact.

Social Founders  
Social Founders holds regular in-person events and seminars for social impact founders in Hackney to connect, network and build skills. Our events provide an opportunity to hear inspirational speakers talk about their founder journey. You will meet, learn from and support other Hackney founders. At our events we workshop specific topics, have lively Q&A sessions, and share the joys and challenges of being a founder. You can attend at any stage in your founder journey – from start up to super-experienced. We also offer access to mentors, and to connections with funders, media and other useful links 

Start-up Workshops Kickstart your journey with our engaging startup workshops. 
Networking Connections Expand your horizons with networking opportunities, both locally and online, fostering valuable connections in our supply chain.

Allia Impact

Join one of of our programmes and participate in networking events.

No upcoming events at the moment
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