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Discover a world of support and opportunities right here in Hackney! Let's build a stronger, thriving local community together.


Local Events

Join our vibrant community gatherings in Hackney, where you'll network, learn, and thrive together. Discover endless opportunities for collaboration and growth.


1x1 Coaching 

Our expert in-house business coaches provide personalised guidance, helping you navigate challenges, set goals, and achieve your business dreams. You're never alone on your entrepreneurial journey!


Business Courses

Meet other Entrepreneurs and learn from experts. Start your business or supercharge your growth with our tailored courses. Gain essential knowledge and skills to succeed in today's competitive market.


Free Energy Audit & Grant Opportunity

Save money while being eco-conscious! We offer free energy assessments to help your business reduce costs and lower your carbon footprint.


Net Zero Consultation

Apply for funding to make your business premises more energy efficient. Once you’ve had an on-site energy assessment with our expert auditors, we can help you apply for a grant to put towards retrofitting your property. It doesn’t matter if your own or lease your premises. We will help you improve your building’s energy efficiency and rating (EPC).



Connect with seasoned professionals who've been there and done that. Benefit from their wisdom, insights, and industry know-how to steer your business toward success.

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HCD offers affordable workspace and a unique offer under the Hackney Impact support. 


Support Circles

East End Trades Guild is dedicated to developing the Women's Support Circles, which empower women-led businesses in Hackney to become allies and advocates for each other.

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