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Hackney Impact is made up of some of the leading entrepreneur and social impact organisations in Hackney, all dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs and founders to go further on their individual journeys. We know that individual needs are unique and we welcome you to learn more about the incredible work our partners do every single day in Hackney.

Allia Impact

Allia Impact is the Venture Support team of Allia, the charity dedicated to amplifying your impact through support, workspace, and finance.

Our free venture support programmes help small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs tackle each stage of business growth. From idea stage to trading, fundraising to marketing, Allia has a programme for you. We’ve supported over 2000 ventures, seen over 5000+ jobs created, and £115m in funds raised from our alumni.

Please contact Allia here

Green Business Action

Delivered by West London Business and funded by the Mayor’s Green New Deal fund, has become London’s home for business climate action.


Since 2021, it has provided support and actionable advice to 500+ businesses to tackle their energy emissions and rising energy bills whilst enabling them to immediately reduce their Scope 3 emissions. Designed for small businesses, focussed on impact, and delivered with the support of leading industry experts. 

Please contact Green Business Action here

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East End Trades Guild

The East End Trades Guild (EETG) unites small independent businesses, leveraging their collective power. With 400 members, the guild represents 7,000+ years of trading experience, 1,200 local jobs, and £77 million in turnover. When these businesses collaborate and exchange ideas through a Community Organising approach—using co-working spaces or joint ventures—new initiatives emerge that wouldn't be possible individually. This exemplifies how small businesses can have a positive impact by working together.


Beyond commercial success, these businesses and social enterprises build community, fostering neighbourly relationships, enhancing street safety, tackling isolation, and assuming social responsibilities. They embody local history and culture while demonstrating the immense economic and social value organised small businesses can create.


The EETG advocates for small traders' interests and values, demanding recognition from landlords, big business, and government. Joining this collective grants access to research on small business impacts, a united voice, and support from experienced local entrepreneurs.

Please contact East End Trades Guild here

Hackney Co-Operative Developments

Hackney Co-operative Developments (HCD) is a local community economic development agency with membership open to all those who subscribe to its cooperative goals and values.

HCD works within our local community to explore ideas and opportunities to create a sustainable environment for Hackney's communities to flourish.

We support the creation and growth of co-operatives and social enterprises through programmes such as our Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney initiative and use our agency role to network and connect organisations so that the movement can work together to grow the locally-owned social economy in our borough.

We provide affordable workspace to a range of social and ethical organisations, local start-ups, cultural entrepreneurs, and creative professionals, playing an important role in Hackney's business ecosystem and ongoing urban regeneration.

Please contact HCD here

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Social Founders

Social Founders is a global network of founders across the charity, social enterprise, NGO, community sectors. We have been working in Hackney to support Hackney-based social impact founders since mid-2021. 


We support, resource and connect with each other through face to face and online events to grow our skills and impact, and to inspire current and future social founders. 


We provide a mix of practical and personal support, connections, stories, information and inspiration. 


We share stories across the media and other stakeholders, to inform and inspire wider audiences. Read our blogs, guest blogs and features, and listen to our in-depth podcast interviews on our website. 


As part of Hackney Impact, we are holding monthly seminars for social impact founders, and offering access to personal mentors to support Hackney-based founders.

Please contact Social Founders here

Read about our work at

Hackney Business Network

The Hackney Business Network is a council-led network supporting our local business community. We want to build a more inclusive and resilient local economy in Hackney. We are working with businesses in the borough to enable them to grow and prosper and support our ambitions to create a fairer Hackney.

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