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Women's Support Circles

East End Trades Guild is dedicated to developing the Women's Support Circles, which empower women-led businesses in Hackney to become allies and advocates for each other. We have one primary objective: to establish an incredibly strong and supportive collective circle exclusively for the phenomenal women-led businesses right here in Hackney!


While networking among women is nothing new, what makes us different is our unwavering commitment to prioritising women's needs through active listening and creating an event that is led by and for women at a grass roots level. We proudly acknowledge that we are experts in our own right and there are so many things we excel at! Our main focus is on supporting each other, boosting confidence, and ensuring that no knowledge or skill gaps go unfilled.

It's all about uplifting and empowering one another in a nurturing environment where women can freely give and receive support. Personal growth and development are at the heart of what we do!

Whether it's sharing personal stories of triumph or offering guidance on career advancement, every single member plays an absolutely essential role in fostering connectivity and progress within our amazing circle.

We celebrate diversity with open arms because we know that everyone has valuable insights to offer regardless of their background or expertise.

By embracing this diversity within our Support Circle, we ensure that various perspectives are represented which enriches discussions and broadens horizons like never before!

Together we aim for our meetings to be jam-packed with useful tips and activities, invigorating discussions, and mind-blowing workshops all designed to facilitate incredible learning opportunities, create some well deserved “Me Time” as well as deep connections between our awe-inspiring members.

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