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Spotlight Wednesday- Biblos Glasgow Jewellery

Deborah Glasgow– the woman behind the fantastic jewellery brand Biblos Glasgow Jewellery.

Today is Spotlight Wednesday which means we are going to meet one of our amazing Hackney Impact participants.

Deborah welcomed me into her home and her studio and talked me through the amazing journey that her business has been on while I was looking through her beautiful jewellery.

I first asked her how the idea of creating jewellery became reality.

She studied Product Design at Central Saint Martins and after getting her degree she started working at Selfridges as a sales advisor.

And that was the start of everything.

She soon discovered that there was a concession space in which she found beads, wires, headpins and more fun material.

It was pure jeweller heaven!

Deborah with her creative mind and the encouragement of her friends and colleagues started creating her first pieces.

And what a journey it has been since!

But why the name Biblos Glasgow Jewellery?

Firstly - Deborah’s faith. Byblos is a city mentioned in the Bible, the second reason why she chose Biblos Glasgow Jewellery is because she used to record all her first pieces in notebooks that she would get from the antique shop and in ancient Greek biblos means notebook.

Biblos Glasgow Jewellery has been involved in some amazing events and magazines in the last few years.

It has been shown at pop-up fashion events, the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition in Birmingham, Spitalfields Market and more. However, what is most exciting now is that Deborah’s jewellery will be at The Forge, in Hatton Gardens in March!

Biblos Glasgow Jewellery has also been featured in magazines and editorials internationally, plus it has been featured in a Travis Scott and Ed Sheeran video!

Deborah is an exciting person to talk to and she is so thrilled and proud to celebrate her business.

She loves how creative she gets to be and to have an outlet for herself.

Have a look at this amazing face that she created as part of a collection celebrating black beauty, hair and faces.

What is more, she is also connected to her spiritual side while creating.

At the beginning of her journey, she had visions about her jewellery that would come to her in her sleep and then Deborah felt compelled to make them a reality.

However, having a business is challenging, and for Deborah it’s now about transforming Biblos Glasgow jewellery from a side-hustle to her main income-maker. She is supported by a business advisor and a coach, and she is now creating online classes to teach people her skills.

Being part of Hackney Impact had a huge effect on overcoming Deborah’s challenges, as we were able to offer her a free workspace – giving her a space in which she can concentrate and focus only on her business, whether that would be to record her classes or to do admin work.

Providing a physical space to work in is an essential part of Hackney Impact. Bringing your business out of your home to a professional workspace is a really significant step forward

Deborah wanted to tell everyone they should always follow their creative dreams, and to believe in their ability and potential to make it.

Biblos Glasgow jewellery is a brand that wishes to inspire others to create jewellery. The motto of this amazing brand is Dream, Believe, Create. I believe it perfectly captures what Deborah and her jewellery are all about.

See you all next time,


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