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Spotlight Wednesday - Dotel

Today I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Mi, the founder of Dotel, a hotel for dogs and all pets.

Mi’s journey began from a personal struggle.  Her pet had an eye infection while she was overseas and she had to rush back to take care of her dog!

This experience left her with worries about providing proper care for pets when the owner is away. This is why Mi created Dotel, to provide pet owners with peace of mind, knowing their furry friends are well-cared for.

Mi’s entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been without its difficulties. One of the main challenges has been navigating marketing on a limited budget.

However, despite the difficulties she is able to use the knowledge learnt in Hackney Impact’s Start Your Business course  to build a strong brand identity and to establish an online presence through her website and social media channels.

What’s amazing is that in just the span of a couple of months Mi secured new customers, rapidly expanded her brand reputation, and retained regular customers – this truly speaks to how incredible her care is.

And this is what makes her proud, a client becoming a regular customer. It means that people trust her. It’s the reassurance that she is on the right path.

After the first few months of owning a business Mi is ready to give some tips to people that are thinking about starting a business:

-          Entrepreneurial life is confusing and chaotic, you’ll have to get used to it and love it!

-          Always make sure that your business is paying you at minimum a very basic salary, you shouldn’t be continuously pouring money into it.

-          Make sure the product is viable and interesting. Brand visuals are essential as they are tied to your identity as a brand.

Exciting news! Dotel is launching a new product BubbleJoy Pet Bubble Heads. They are adorable and customisable with your pet’s features, capturing the essence of joy and companionship in a delightful display.

They make such a lovely present for everyone with a pet.

This is all from me today.

I’ll see you next week.


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