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Spotlight Wednesday - My Chakra Home

Spotlight Wednesday again - Today we are all about My Chakra Home!  


It’s a fabulous shop on Stoke Newington High Street, and you are always sure to find the smiley Utku. 


Utku welcomed me with a smile and a cup of tea (what a treat!) showed me around his shop. As I walked around and looked through his well-stocked palace I was captivated by the mission of My Chakra Home - More than 80% of his articles are handmade, local and ethical. How amazing!  


Not only that, but My Chakra Home is more than just a shop as it’s a ceramic workshop and a space for communities, charities, and NGOs to come together and share a space, hold events… 


This journey started three years ago, but only a few months ago Utku opened My Chakra Home which is an evolution of his previous job as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Manager. He has been committed to community building and ethical business practices for as long as he can remember! 


My Chakra Home’s products are all sustainable, handmade and mostly locally sourced. For example;  

·       he sells prints from local artists,  

·       ceramics made in-house (yes he runs ceramics workshops weekly!)  

·       bags made by women in Turkey - his home country, whose revenue goes to the families affected by the earthquake,  

·       denim jeans that are made without sylicates – a dangerous chemical that has killed many people working in the production of denim.  


In every piece that Utku sells, you can see the thought and care in it having been chosen.  


Utku’s journey has not been without challenges as every business owner will know, it is a difficult job to provide for your business and make it able to thrive.  


However, thanks to Hackney Impact he was able to find answers for his questions by accessing coaching sessions. He is very grateful and impressed by Hackney impact’s ability to resolve issues and being able to deliver support immediately.  


The one thing that he wants to push everyone to do more of is to shop local, as that directly supports and impacts our community. He is extremely grateful to be located in Hackney as he loves it and wishes more people to be local and shop local. 


Visit Utku if you can, his hospitality and his shop are both amazing, and it’s great to get to know people in the area!  


Until next time. 



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