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Spotlight Wednesday - Paul Akinbola.

It’s that time of the week again! Spotlight Wednesday.

Today we are going to speak with Paul Akinbola. Paul has two YouTube channels, The All-Magazine Channel and Paul Akinbola’s Open House. 

These two channels talk about different topics.

In the first one Paul covers media news, following the BBC, Sky One and the history of media tv,

The second one is focused on scripted content aimed at light entertainment.

He found Hackney Impact through a very simple Google search and Paul thought that the process of getting signed up was very easy and simple.

Paul is followed by a mentor that he meets once a week on Zoom and that helps him with his YouTube channels and their strategy. On Paul Akinbola’s Open House Paul plans to do a long-term project, a sit-com about forming a boyband and its journey!

Plus, he also does the Start Your Business course to learn the fundamentals of running a business.

Paul is one of the most ambitious participants of Hackney Impact and that is shown through the work that he puts in to make his dream a reality.

However, it is also true that starting and growing a business comes with its challenges.

Firstly, the media is a very difficult market to get into as it is extremely competitive.

Then, it is extremely difficult to get content and to make it interesting without covering exactly what other news media outlets have already covered.

However, because of his hard work, Paul has had some amazing wins!

His film, E-difference, has been chosen to be shown in the OSKA Bright film festival in Brighton. OSKA Bright is the leading learning disability film festival in the world! It takes place biannually in Brighton. Having his movie shown at such a big film festival is an amazing opportunity for Paul to showcase what he does and who he is! What an achievement.

Then, our amazing Hackney Impact participant has been selected to be on a pilot episode on BBC1 with Michael Sheen! This will air on the 5th of April during Autism Acceptance Week so make sure to tune in for that. The idea behind this is to have thirty-five neurodiverse people interviewing A-list celebrities.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of what Paul will ask Michael Sheen (as a Good Omens fan I could barely contain my excitement for Paul). His questions to the actor span from ones on future acting roles to ones politically and socially focused. I can’t wait to see it!

I couldn’t end our chat without asking Paul for tips to people just starting their YouTube journey. ‘Always do your homework’ Paul replied:

-          Get used to YouTube, use it as much as possible.

-          Practice with a video editing software of your choice.

-          And then talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

This is all from me today!

See you all next week,


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