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Spotlight Wednesday - The New Craft House

Once again, it’s Spotlight Wednesday! Today we are going near Mare Street market, to The New Craft House.

It’s a fun and colourful shop selling deadstock fabric from designers, patterns that they developed, and they have weekly sewing classes on the weekend too!

The business idea started a10 years ago, they have been doing sewing classes for about 8 years and selling deadstock fabric for the last 5 years.

What it’s truly amazing is how local they are! Most of their stock comes from designers in Hackney. And all of it from designers in London - a real circular economy!

Hannah wants people to be able to create their handmade wardrobe and this is one of the key reasons The New Craft House was created -they wanted something made for people by people that wasn’t at the planet’s expense.

They found Hackney Impact through a Hackney Council newsletter, Hannah got an energy audit but didn’t stop there!

They had their carbon footprint calculated, and they were matched with an expert to reductions and they are now on the road to become a BCorp certified business.

This is something Hannah feels like would have not been possible without Hackney Impact.

After the serious questions I asked which of their creations was their favourite. I definitely have mine, but Hannah said that she loved their Everyday pants the most! They are pants taught in the beginners classes and are a staple need in everybody’s wardrobe!

Finally, Hannah’s message for all the entrepreneurs out there:

‘Start with someone else because you’d be able to support each other, bounce ideas off each other. And it just makes it a lot more fun along the way!’

And with this I’ll leave you.

See you next Wednesday.


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