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1. We fully endorse and adhere to the 7 Principles of Data Protection, as detailed in the Data Protection Act 2018. Allia will only use your data for the monitoring and delivery of our Enterprise Support programmes, this includes reporting to our funding and sponsor partners, as well as our own external consultants used to optimise for programme quality.


2. The legal basis for the processing your personal data is ‘legitimate interests’, which in this instance is the ability to facilitate an effective programme by understanding more about you and your company, as well as the ability to monitor, evaluate and market our services. This includes photos and videos taken at events. You will be given the option to opt-out when attending any events.


3. Should you wish for Allia not to use your images please make the Programme manager aware and we will ensure that images and videos are not recorded or used.


4. Any sensitive data collected during the application process was done so with your consent which can be withdrawn at any time.


5. Your data will only be used by Allia, but will be shared with the funders and partners of this programme, and will be used for programme evaluation purposes only.


6. Our privacy, and data security policies can be found on our website –

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